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Our mission is to promote overall well-being by offering holistic and alternative modalities to enhance your life journey.  Our services help reduce stress, provide relaxation and teach methods of self-care, which is important to practice, yet often overlooked.  If you are looking to incorporate peace, love and healing into your life, you've come to the right place! 

All services offered are priced on a sliding scale.  I believe that with all the world is going through and the shift in the collective consciousness, there is a great need for spiritual learning, healing and development.  I feel that it's important to not only provide reiki, spiritual guidance and mentoring, but to make it accessible and affordable for all.​

Reiki ​Energy Healing

Reiki energy healing sessions help promote relaxation, healing and overall well-being.

Spiritual Readings

Learn ways to connect with Spirit or seek spiritual guidance for your life journey.

Check out our services and contact us to book a session!

​​**Reiki and Spiritual Readings are non-denominational spiritual & energetic practices and

are not a substitute for professional medical or psychological counseling services.**

COVID-19  Notice:  All common areas & surfaces are disinfected prior to and after each client session.  In person Reiki healing sessions include close contact to the practitioner.  All clients are asked to use their own judgment regarding personal use of face coverings.  If you have scheduled an appointment and are not feeling well, please contact me to reschedule at a later date.  I am fully vaccinated, however will wear a face covering during sessions upon request.  

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